Admission TO NEET PG 2021 IN Master of Surgery

Monday, March 22, 2021

With about 30,000 medical graduates graduating each year through NEET PG in India, the Medical industry has seen a glut of skilled professionals competing for a good job in a reputable hospital.

Following independence, the health-care industry in India, the world's second-most populated nation with more than 1.36 billion people, has only grown. These statistics have been consistent since the post-liberalization period of the 1990s when private money poured into the growth of the health-care sector.

Also, the total number of registered medical colleges has increased from 86 in 1965 to 539 in 2019. Yearly, 30,000 medical graduates are created, and current estimates indicate that there will be 1,493,385 licensed doctors in India by 2024, adhering to the Guideline doctor-patient ratio of one doctor per 1,000 people.

MS stands for Masters of Surgery, and it is a postgraduate medical degree. After completing their MBBS degree, candidates can pursue a career in surgical medicine in different streams. Depending on the candidate's qualifications, the MS degree program can take three or more years to complete. This degree program prepares students to become surgeons by teaching them the necessary skills.

MS has a wide reach in India and abroad in today's world, where health is everyone's primary concern. People are increasingly seeking out experts in the field. In India, the Master of Surgery (MS) program has a very wide and varied scope. 

It is dependent on the aspirants' abilities, experience, and calibers, as well as the location where they are training. MS is a career-oriented curriculum that supports society through its use. MS is a degree that provides candidates with not only financial benefits but also social importance and recognition after they complete it. 


Working as a surgeon is difficult and demanding, but it also provides satisfaction. Streams for MS degree course where you can get admission without any DONATION through Medical Guidance:

  • MS (General Surgery)
  • MS (ENT)
  • MS (Orthopedics)
  • MS (Ophthalmology)
  • MS (Obstetrics & Gynecology)
  • MS (Anatomy)
  • MS (Anesthesia)
  • MS (Neurosurgery)
  • MS (Traumatology and Surgery).

So why opt for Medical Guidance's Free Consultation for MS Admissions?

 Well Because it's FREE and some more reasons listed below:

1. Shortlisting of related colleges and universities, both public and private, based on NEET scores.

2. Filling out forms for all government, private, and considered universities online.

3. The competent back-end department keeps track of the entire admissions process.

4. Notifies students/parents about documentation authentication to obtain the correct records.

5. Monitor and notify students/parents of therapy rounds.

6. Encourage parents to attend visits to the relevant medical college/university to be considered for admission to various MD/MS programs.

7. On-field Team Monitoring of Cancellation Seats - Tracks all Institutes around India both Government / Private colleges/universities.

8. Mock Rounds, Spot Rounds, and Institutional Rounds tracking.

9. Ensures that students are accepted purely on merit, without the need for a donation, by filling out a pre-registration application form.

10. Assists students/parents to get admission in India to prestigious institutes government/ private colleges.


Usually, after a successful MS Examination, students get confused about their MS course and admissions process. We will assist you in selecting the best stream and college for MS admission in 2021, depending on the score of NEET PG 2021 Score, in government and private colleges without "ANY DONATIONS". Under the "Anti-Donation" movement in India, medical guidance provides full end-to-end admission service for students/parents and assured admission to Renowned Institutes in Maharashtra and throughout India. 

The National Board of Examinations (NBE) administer the NEET PG 2021 exam, which is used to decide the admission of MS (Master of Surgeon) to all medical colleges in India. Candidates must meet certain NEET PG 2021 eligibility standards, which include an age limit, educational qualifications, and internship criteria, to pursue MS courses in medical colleges.


Some of the top MS Colleges/University Government / Private College are listed below:

  •   Aligarh Muslim University 
  •   All India Institute of Medical Sciences  
  •   Andhra Medical College  
  •   Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute
  •   Bharati Vidyapeeth 
  •   Coimbatore Medical College
  •   Deccan College of Medical Sciences
  •   Father Muller Medical College and many more...


The medical guidance initiative's top priority is to ensure that medical admission through the PG NEET 2021 mark is safer, smoother, and cost-free (No commission fees). For admission, all medical applicants will be put in the top medical colleges via us. The aim is to place all NEET 2021 applicants in the best colleges possible without any uncertainty or commission, based on budget, NEET PG 2021 Score, venue, and accessibility of private and government universities/colleges.


Our team has completed medical education in India and other countries. We give the best quality counsels focused on scientific principles to solve problems of your liking, dislikes, or personal interest, to remove blocks in your mind and lead you to the best career in medical sciences and to increase you towards success, towards the best life.







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